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durango gallery

Durango Gallery Progress – Day 8

Electrical rough-ins; done! Drywall; done! Paint; done! Ceiling; done! Gridwall arrived today! Almost there . . . Electrical finish and lighting on Friday. Carpet next week. Better make some prints . . .  

Durango Gallery Progress – Day 5

Things are moving fast! Yesterday electrical rough-ins were installed and drywall was hung. Today drywall finish begins.  

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Durango Gallery Progress-Day 3

Contractors are making great progress on Scenic Aperture’s Durango gallery renovation. They’re actually ahead of schedule (I hope that does not jinx it).  After day three, existing walls are prepped for paint (major accomplishment), new walls are framed, and painting has begun in the back. I’m sitting here in my lawn chair, drinking coffee, waiting for the electrician to show up. It’s gonna be a great day!